Many people considering taking the plunge into their own in-ground pools have many of the same questions about the swimming pool sale and installation process. Here are the most common questions we get and how we respond:

How much will my swimming pool cost?

Swimming pool cost is often the main concern. However, giving an exact price quote without knowing any of the details about the pool you want, the site where it will be installed, the swimming pool extras you’d like, etc. is impossible.

Aquatic Pools, Inc. has developed a no-pressure swimming pool sales process that moves in-step with our custom design process. We take the time to understand your vision of your personal oasis, measure and assess your site, and understand your budget. All of these factors go into our designs so that by the time we can give you an exact quote and you’re ready to sign the contract, you are comfortable with the proposed work and cost.

How do I keep my swimming pool cost(s) down?

There are a number of ways to trim the cost of your swimming pools, but you must be careful that you (or ‘vour swimming pool builder) do not cut corners that compromise the quality of the finished product.

In our experience with custom swimming pool construction, we see pool decking as one of the most costly features of a new pool. Aquatic Pools, can make recommendations about the size and material of your decking to provide a cost-effective yet attractive atmosphere.

When is the best time top buy a pool?

In order to be enjoying your new pool by summertime, most people start planning in the winter and early spring. That may leave the fall and early winter in a lull, which may be the perfect time to begin swimming pool installation. At that time of the year your swimming pool contractor may be able to offer some discounts, and with fewer projects, you get more personal attention. There is also less of a rush to schedule inspections and finish landscaping before your swimming pool-side events.

Isn't the lowest price the one I should go with?

You should not base your choice of a swimming pool builder on the cost alone. If a swimming pool contractor provides a quote significantly cheaper than those of quality swimming pool companies like Aquatic Pools you are likely to sacrifice the quality of the finished product for a smaller bottom line.

Instead, choose a reputable swimming pool builder with experience and with whom you feel comfortable. Find a company that demonstrates a commitment to quality in the products they choose and the craftsmen they employ. You will likely not get the most inexpensive pool, but your investment in a quality finished product could save you thousands of dollars in pool repairs and maintenance costs down the road.

How can I pay for my swimming pool?

There are several options for swimming pool financing. You may seek lending from your own banking institution, or you can explore financing options through our lending partner- Paramount. No matter what lending provider you choose, because your swimming pools is considered a permanent home improvement, you may qualify for long-term leases or lines of credit, which allow you to make smaller payments that better fit into your household budget.

How long will it take to get my pool?

There are several factors that can affect the time it takes to complete your custom pool. First and foremost is the design process. We want you to be completely happy with your pool, so we will create as many layouts and 3D images as needed to capture your vision of your personal oasis.

Once your design is approved and the contract is signed, swimming pool construction is usually completed within 30 days of excavation. Of course, there are factors that may delay the process change orders, wait times for city or county permits and/or inspections, etc. Aquatic Pools will always keep you informed of delays or situations that may affect the timely completion of your swimming pool installation.

What does pool maintenance require?

Maintaining your swimming pool does require some regularly scheduled attention for cleaning and chemical balancing. Removing debris from the surface of you pool and filter may be a daily activity, particularly if you do not have an automatic pool cover. Some cleaning is needed on a weekly basis to ensure proper filtration. Aquatic Pools will provide a comprehensive guide on regular pool maintenance, and we are always happy to answer your questions. If you would like to do nothing more than enjoy your pool, we also offer residential pool maintenance and pool cleaning service—of course this would be at a mutually agreed extra charge.

What else should I know before "taking the plunge"?

Getting a pool is a big commitment. Find a swimming pool contractor who will take time to answer your questions and is committed to providing you with the pool of your dreams.

Aquatic Pools is committed to 100% customer satisfaction, and we have thrived since 1981 because of customer referrals. When you’re ready to take the plunge go “WHERE CUSTOMERS SEND THEIR FRIENDS” Aquatic Pools, Inc.

Have additional questions about residential or commercial swimming pools  that weren’t answered above? We understand…it’s a big decision. We’re here to answer any remaining questions. Just fill out the form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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